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Who Can Train?

‘Choi Kwang Do’ is suitable for all ages and abilities and individuals can train together whilst progressing at their own rate. Without the need for competition or tournaments, students can train with each other rather than against each other.

The unique 10 component system of Choi Kwang Do is designed to develop everyone’s quality of life both mentally and physically. Combined with proven practical, effective techniques, it is a powerful health and self defence system.

Family Friendly Classes

Children and adults can train together in our classes designed for the whole family. The greater the range of people we train with, the more we can learn and the better are skills become in the Martial Art. It is also good for practicing together outside of class, so we can learn more within the training hall.

When you start, you are allocated an instructor who will teach you the basics and commence your Choi Kwang Do training.  As there is never any rush with training, committing to once, twice or 3 times a week can see a steady progression and one you can benefit from.  

Our flexibility with the classes allows you to make up any classes missed, so you can be sure to keep up your training to fit in with day to day commitments.


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Pil Seung (Certain Victory)