Your Personal Black Belt Journey

The Journey to Black Belt and Beyond!

When students start, they begin at white belt and work their way up through 3 stages of belts, Junior, Intermediate and Senior belt ranks.

At each stage, they learn a variety of techniques practical for self-defence and are performed both individually, then later as part of a number of sequences. These are designed to develop the mind as well as the body. At each stage, new techniques are taught on either a one-to-one basis or within small groups of the same belt rank. On successful completion of the colour belts, students and instructors test for their 1st-degree black belt.

Instructors and Black Belt Academy

The Journey to Black Belt doesn’t stop there.  Students have the opportunity to become involved in further methods of training to enhance their abilities and there are a number of paths. Once a student achieves a gold belt (the highest belt colour of Junior Rank) they can be invited into The Black Belt Academy (for under 18’s), or to apply for the position of Assistant Instructor.

Black Belt Academy + Leadership

If a child demonstrates proficiency in training after 1 year, they are invited into the Black Belt Academy. They learn advanced curriculum and training methods whilst acting as a role model to the junior students. This exciting program is a lot of fun and teaches them respect for others, and responsibility amongst their peers whilst preparing them for the rank of Black Belt. Those who are exceptional within the academy, can be promoted to the leadership programme and wear the red jackets. On our 5 year anniversary, the 3rd member of the black belt academy was promoted to this position.

Assistant Instructors

Assistant instructors are invaluable to the team and help the instructors to run the classes and develop the students to be the best they can. There are 2 types of assistant instructor and are categorised by age, 14 to 17 years of age and 18 years+. The junior assistants would have progressed from the black belt academy and be ready to shadow the adult instructors whilst learning how to gain confidence in front of people.

Basingstoke CKD now has 8 Assistant Instructors who teach and train regularly.

Chief Instructors

On successful completion of their black belt, the adult assistant instructors have the opportunity to progress to Chief / Head Instructor. They are taught to run classes independently and can go on to open their own school of Choi Kwang Do. Basingstoke CKD has recently promoted its first 3 assistant instructors to chief instructor, with others looking to progress to this position once they have completed their black belt grading.


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